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Essential oil bottles

About The Brand

Why Use an Oil Base Perfume ?

If you haven't use perfume body oils before your in for a treat.

These days the common and popular form of scents are the alcohol base spray perfumes by many designers. Which are wonderful don't get me wrong...we love a great designer perfume. Perfume business is a big business!

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Now let's talk about perfume oil or as some call it fragrance oil.

These oils are gaining popularity these days. Why you ask? A few things you should now about them are as follows, they are much more concentrated with no alcohol content.They stick to your the body and tend to last much longer than your typical perfume.

Do you realize what chemicals are introduce to your body when you use a spray perfume? Well with perfume oils are oil-based fragrances are more of a moisturizing agent for the skin.

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With an oil base fragrance the scents you wear become stronger due to your body temperature, which allows the scent to last longer.

Now you might keep in mind that after a while you might not smell the fragrance on you, but for sure others will be able to smell it on you.

So we want you to challenge yourself and try it out yourself!

Compare your favorite spray perfume vs an oil base fragrance oil of the same scent.

Then ask yourself "which would I want on my skin" a moisturizer or an alcohol base product?

Mmm...we think you have that answer. But don't take our word for it...gone try it for yourself!

We use only oil base products only with no fillers added! TRY IT NOW!

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